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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  September 27, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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waters as the coast guard calls off a search for his missing mom. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good morning, everyone, it is september 27. it is 4:30 on a tuesday. i am julie grauert. >> daniel: thank you for joining us i am daniel miller. the cool, crisp weather is behind us. soaking showers are in store today. meteorologist shiri spear in the forecast storm tracker weather sent they are morning shiri. >> shiri: so the rain patchy light stuff approaching boston you can see from norwood up in arlington. we just -- some hints of green on the map right now that will be pretty light stuff up to burlington as well. the real steady stuff coming out of western mass and moving into central massachusetts now. worcester just getting into it and barre as well and temple and joffery, new hampshire. this is shifting eastward and
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southeastern maps for most part looking dry now. you will deal with spot showers now and by 8 a.m. you will deal with heavy snuff place. 7 a.m. temperatures at 62 degrees. i want to you plan on showers for the morning drive today. by lunchtime, we will be drying out and the only remaining showers by noon will be sitting over southeastern massachusetts and clouds break apart with highs in the lower 70s. julie is back with live drive time traffic. >> julie: right now williams tunnel westbound is closely closed while they do overnight work. detour sumner tunnel. pike clear from 49 to 128 and into the allston-brighton area. it no problems on the expressway. here are your live drive times. 12 minutes from route 1 to the tobin. 23 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. we want to get to you breaking news jamaica plain where police are looking for
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overnight shooting. catherine parrotta is live at the scene and police are talking about their efforts to find a shooter right now. >>reporter: in fact, the bulk of police officers here on the scene are cleared within the last 20 minutes or so. and you can see one police vehicle on the scene and where the shooting happened is inside this large apartment complex that you see on the scene. police confirm this is a deadly shooting. happened 1 a.m. inside the building 267 centertr reports of shots fired and when they arrived they found a man shot several times. he was taken to a nearby hospital but didn't survive. boston police say they are actively investigating this. they are casing the area and checking cameras for any video related to this incident and we will be reaching out to police a little bit later on this morning but in the meantime, police are interested in talking to anybody who might have information. so certainly give boston police a call. again, as you see here an active investigation.
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catherine parrotta, fox25 news. new this morning, a tractor-trailer rollover caused problems in hopkinton overnight it happened on the on match from 495 north. the truck rolled over on the ramp shutting it down while crews cleaned up the mess. we are working to find out if anyone was hurt the scene is clear and the ramp is open. >> you have seen me. i have been all over the place. you decided to stay home. and that's okay. >> i think donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. and you know what else i prepared for, i prepared to be president. >> daniel: it was a presidential debate like none other. the first woman presidential nominee of a major political party and a novice with an unconventional run to the white house. >> how sharply hillary clinton and donald trump disagree on the economy and any north communities. they took jabs at each other for tax returns and e-mails too.
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>> reporter: the nominees for president made their debate for voters. didn't take long for attacks. >> i have a feeling by the end of the evening i will be blamed for everything that happened. >> why not. >> yeah, why not. >> reporter: trump deflected a question that long dog his campaign by bringing a campaign that has dodged clinton's campaign. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes when she releases her 33,000 eai deleted. >> i think you have just seen another example of bait and switch. >> reporter: and bragged about once not paying income taxes. >> he didn't pay taxes. >> that makes me. >> donald supported the invasion of iraq. that has been proved over and over again. >> wrong, wrong. >> he advocated for the
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that gadhafi be taken out after doing business with him one time. >> reporter: butted heads over race relations and law enforcement. >> everyone should be respected by the law and everyone should respect the law. rate now that's not the case in a lot of our neighborhoods. >> now whether or not in a place like chicago do you stop and frisk which worked very well, but you take the gun away from criminals who shouldn't be having it. >> reporter: in hempstead, new york, i am steve yennis. said that hillary clinton said she had a much stronger performance than donald trump. 62% believe she outperformed her republican rival. this debate was supposed to be the most watched in history. 50 million people expected to tune in. we expect to get the final ratings later today. the candidates are back on the campaign trail both heading to the battleground state. donald trump will be in orlando to speak at the melbourne airport and hillary clinton will speak at a rally
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in new hampshire. clinton campaigns with vermont senator bernie sanders and thursday trump will be at a rally in bedford. >> the next few weeks are critical in the race for the white house. on tuesday october 4, the vice vice presidential debate between mike pence and tim kaine will take place in virginia. then on october 9, hillary clinton and donald trump will debate again in missouri. it will be a town hall style featuring questions from the crowd. and then a final presidential debate will take place in las vegas on october 19. the format of that debate will be similar to last night's. stay with fox25 for all of your election coverage. we will have more on the debate throughout the morning newscast and on our web site at as well as the fox25 mobile app. 4:36 right now. today a boater found in a life raft 100 miles south of martha's vineyard will return to shore in boston. investigators have many questions for him. 22-year-old nathan carmen and his mother linda went fishing off of block island on september 15 and did not
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the coast guard spent days looking for them and their metal boat but suspended the search on friday; however, a frighter spotted nathan on monday. his mother is presumed dead. as of now he said his boat sank in an area far away from where they planned to fish. a quincy neighborhood is on edge this morning. three women say a man drove up to them, hopped out of his car and grabbed their purse. jessica reyes is live in quincy. one of the women said the man hit her in the head before grabbing her bag. >> police say this is happening on three separate occasions and less than two weeks alone spoke to the victim. walking down the street by herself, a strange man came up to her, hit her on the head and grabbed her purse. all three of these incidents happened in north quincy over the past ten days and in each case, the victim jumped out of the suv and demanded and grabbed their purses. the victim we spoke to asked not to be identified but
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head, grabbed her purse and ran off. she is okay but she is shaken up saying she is afraid that guy will come back. >> he said give me your bag. i said no, help me, help me. >> reporter: all three victims did tell police the guy was driving a suv that looked to be tan or light blue. police here in quincy are now urging women to leave the purses at home or if you can, put them under your jacket if you were going to be walking alone. they say if you do happen to find unfortunate situation to just let your purse go in order to keep yourself safe. live in quincy, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. several boston bars an nightclubs will have to answer questions, two questions after stabbings in the theatre district. several people were stabbed. of two the victims were badly hurt. the mayor's office tells fox25 that the city's licensing board is reviewing what is happening. bars and clubs where the altercation started will be cited. they want the businesses to
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officers to provide security. >> it's the clubs, you know. and they got to do something about having more security. >> reporter: sunday's stabbings happened on tremont street. they believe it was a large fight involving more than a dozen people. no one has been arrested. this morning we are hearing from parents about the boston public school's plans to move 7th and 8th graders to the city's high schools. the superintendent dr. thomy chan g spoke us to yesterday city will be affected by any change, and the city three exam schools wouldn't be affected at all. the change makes sense because of dwindling and will provide staffability going to the same school in six years. some parents are not sold on the idea. >> you are introducing younger kids to more mature ideas until they are ready. >> daniel: they plan to
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the boston bruins will be keeping a fan favorite in town for a long time. forward brad marchand has signed an eight-year extension at $39 million. could be a bargain for the team. marchand scored 37 goals last year. some experts felt he colorado earn $8 million a year if he hit the market. former celtics star paul pierce announced his plan to retire at the end of the nba season. spent 15 years led the team to the 2008 world championship. the truth will end his career as a member of the los angeles clippers. kevin garnett announced his decision to retire. we track traffic an weather together every ten minutes. on the expressway, we are in the single digits. nine minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. shiri? >> shiri: expecting from a quarter to half an inch which is great news but simply not
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boston. see how much more we are expecting this week coming up. and the game goes on for the marlins. coming up new at 5:00, how the team honored their star pitcher taken too soon in a tragic poet crash. pointing fingers, calling names, sounds like kids stuff but the presidential debate.
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4:43. from name-calling to racial tensions this campaign is one of the nastiest in history. >> julie: how the campaign is affecting kids and the teachable moments. >> you know what donald trump -- >> even if parents are not talking to their kids about politics, they are likely being exposed to this year's presidential election in schools from friends or from watching tv. parenting experts say this election can be a teachable moment. >> it tully gives you a chance to say here you and here is how you can think about it. >> reporter: skully says that 2016 may be the most negative and nasty campaign in modern u.s. criminals have been attacked as criminal, sexist, liars. >> a selfish little sleazeball who will never be president of the united states. >> donald, relax. >> go ahead, i am relaxour basket case. >> reporter: hillary clinton even made a campaign ad about donald trump's controversial remarks about women.
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face of hers. >> in washington, jacqueline fell, fox25 news. the severe drought has done far more damage than killing grass. the drought is ruining local wells. some people haven't had clean water for a month. well companies are working seven days a week to keep up with the command. >> people live in their house for 20 years and haven't run out of water. i am seeing areas that have 15 fett of water have none now. >> julie: xp best thing to do to protect your well until the drought ends is to conserve as much waters a as. people have a new way to help the fight against als. they unveiled new specialty license plate. femly members of pete frates attended the event at the statehouse. frates is battling als and helped launch the ice bucket challenge. >> to create an opportunity
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in the commonwealth of mass to be a part of the als and finding a cure story is a great opportunity for people of the commonwealth. >> reporter: friends and family of former governor paul salucci where he passed away from a ls complications in 2013. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. a reminder from mass d.o.t. ted tunnel westbound is fully closed until 5:00 this morning for overnight m for overnight maintenance work. within the next 15 minutes it will reopen. if you have to head out. ite cons are overnight construction projects but the one in the ted williams tunnel is most notable. no issues on 128 from 9 up past route 1 to dedham, needham and over to the pike. north of the pike, 93 south is clear. route 1 wide anticipate from 128 to saugus and then down into the revere and chelsea area. here are your live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike
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avenue. eight minutes on the expressway and gained a minute. we had a nine-minute drive times. and things looking good on the expressway. 23 minutes on 93 south from andover to the zakim bridge. meteorologist shiri spear joins us now with a check of the forecast. this rain will be a welcome relief for so many people. just mentioning how it has been so dry causing problems with wells being so dry. >> shiri: unfortunately this is not enough to fix that problem but we have several chances of next week. the problem is a lot of those the weather pattern here is kind of interesting. a front that comes how that today that brings us morning showers but this whole system is called a cut-off low. it does its own thing. it doesn't necessarily get involved with the jet stream as other systems but it will basically meander down to the south and the east over the next several days but because of where it sits with our winds. we have this persistent northeast wind that will drive
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for the next couple of days and until that system truly moves out of the way we will not find improvements. it will take days here. the steadiest rain by 6:00 this morning. showers reaching the boston area. patchy stuff, lighter stuff over southeastern mass as well. a lot of these showers tend to peak around 8:00 across eastern massachusetts. by 10 a.m., focus down across southeastern mass. wouldn't be surprised if there is still a straggler a little closer to boston but by noontime we will be drying out. the one spot i think we will need to continue to watch for some showers ends up being the cape and islands today pause that front will waver close by today and tonight so there is a chance for a couple more passing showers but overall, most of us facing partly cloudy skies to send us home from work at 6:00 today and dry conditions. a little more cloud cover in eastern and southeastern massachusetts central mass and southern massachusetts tend to see a little more sunshine here this afternoon and for the day tomorrow, i mentioned
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tomorrow morning patches of drizzle and really hard to simply shrug them off. it by noontime we are facing a lot clouds out there, we are facing drizzly time. i think morning hours tomorrow and into the afternoon we could hold tight to a couple of those sprinkles. not pretty set- you. 61 in boston. no measurable rain yet but looking forward to a quarter to half an inch coming into town starting at 6 a.m., once we hit the afternoon slowly see breaks in the clouds as temperatures get into the lower 70s today. we should hit a high of 72 in boston, plymouth and beverly. 74 in norwood and bedford. mid-70s lawrence into fitchburg and nashua. 70 in worcester and upper 60s for the cape and the islands where we see most of the clouds, the most of the showers and most of the winds. check out these winds here this afternoon. winds are going to be around the cape around 20 miles per
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there an for all of us the winds tend to pick up a little bit tomorrow. winds ranging from 10 to 20 miles per hour. these are sustained as well, and because we are dragging out all the moisture from the ocean, a lot of fuel behind those clouds and drizzle. it is also going to limit our warm-up. temperature-wise lower difficulties for highs and we have a rewind, repeat situation for thursday. for friday, for saturday. a little steadier rain on sunday. finally the patte little more sunshine coming back drying out in 70 test. don't put those umbrellas too far. you will need them a lot this week. just the start of fall, but new hampshire is seeing its first round of snow. the new images from mount washington's first cold snap of the season. a major social media platform up for grabs.
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the flu shot according to the cleveland clinic. this year's vaccine protects against four strains of flu one more than last year and also new optional vaccines. the special shot meant for people age 65 and older has an extra chemical that makes it stronger. also available, a flu shot made without egg products. the nasal spray vaccine won't be offered this year. research showed it wasn't as effective as a shot. may sound a little bit like a movie but a new push to
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today the ceo of tesla is expected to announce hayes team is working on a system to colonize mars. the way to get them to the planet is a mars colonial transporter that can deliver 100 people to the red planet. nasa released key finding of one of jupiter's moons. enormous water vapor moons on europa. one of the few places where the existence of alien life more possible in our solar system. something about twitter could become a little more magical. they are interested in buying the social media site. will give the owner of abc and espn a new outlet for sports and news programs. microsoft is also planning on making a bid. twitter has been valued at $20 billion, but the company actually lost more than 100 million last year. they are not commenting on the
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thing are fighting back. they were fired for staying honest and refusing to open fake accounts, something the bank recently came under fire for. wells fargo declined to comment on the lawsuit earlier this month. the company was fined $185 million for the scandal. a piker takes a ride 100 years in the making. ray'!wewrer is 101 years old and spent a lifetime riding harley motorcycles. the arizona man worked for the company for 24 yes. to the hurricane og, they teamed up to send the veteran through one rip-roaring ride through phoenix. >> 1. >> this an ams. ing thing. i am pretty sure he thinks he died and gone to heaven already. >> julie: that's great. ray has been riding harleys since he was a teen. a letter showing gangster al capone's softer side sold for a hefty price at local auction.
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the notice from -- the note is from kapono to his son and he sign it is love and kisses your dear dad. an anonymous collector from chicago expected to get about $50,000 for that letter. a framingham man clearly has lady luck on his side. howard rankin won $1 million on a scratch ticket for the second time this month. he bought both his lucky tickets at the stop and shop in framingham. he chose the lump sum he chose the lump sum of $650,000 before taxes. no word what he plans to do with his extra cash which means he is a millionaire. >> julie: o, my gosh, that is extremely lucky. >> for two scratch tickets. >> julie: justifies buying scratch tickets. >> daniel: i think we need to play. night owls need more ways to get around the city. at 5:00, the renewed push to bring back late-night bus service and what different about the proposal this time around.
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now at 5:00, dubbed the political super bowl of the presidential campaign and it did not disappoint. >> i have a feeling by the end of this evening i will be blame for everything that -- >> why not. >> yeah, the big issues that were tackled and the memorable one-liners making headlines this morning. we are following breaking news out of boston as police are investigating a deadly shooting inside this apartment complex. what officers are telling us from the scene. a young man that spent seven days drifting on an agreatable raft is found alive off the coast of massachusetts. the tragic fishing trip he took with his mother and the questions police want answered
5:00 am
and i have got showers also coming into town right now. we have the heaviest rain for the morning commute. i am timing it out next. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. good morning, everybody. 5:00 on this tuesday morning. it is september 27. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. grab your umbrella and your rain jacket today. my friends, a lot of green on the radar and show you a live now where the rain is coming down pretty good. meteorologist shiri spear is in the fox25 storm tracker weather center with a look at when this rain will be the heaviest. >> reporter: yeah, light rain in jamaica plain and it will be picking up through the morning hours. we have the heaviest, steadiest snuff central massachusetts up into central massachusetts. temperatures dropping in the 50s as is that steadier rain comes through. notice inside of 495, light and patchy into the boston area now.


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